Project 4

Project Scope

Having built a secure back-end & an intuitive UI for a popular travel guide portal with a large global user-base, we are now powering it with continuous & hands-on tech-support.


20,000+ Pages, Millions of Readers and Users Across the Globe.




Launch in 6-8 Months, Complete Development + Support & Maintenance for 1.5 Years.

Current Status

100% Client Satisfaction, Continuous Support and Maintenance.


For Website: 1 Project Manager 1 Graphic Designer 1 Full Stack Developer 1 SEO Expert

Project Introduction

A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs -<br /> From Weathering Rough Waters to Setting up Rough Guides<br /> <br /> Travel publications all around the world bank on the romanticism of travelers, spoon-feeding them picture-perfect content and dreamy expectations garbed as facts. However, this marketing of a picture-perfect travel fantasy has very little appeal to real backpackers and adventure seekers.<br /> <br /> Rough Guides stands out in this cacophony of travel storytellers and travelogues by saying it as it is. It offers travel guides as well as tailor-made trips created by experts. Within just a few years of being founded, Rough Guides proved that they are no run-of-the-mill travel startup.<br /> <br /> Rough Guides started as a single travel guide in 1982. Mark Ellingham and Martin Dunford met in Greece in 1981, and when they returned to the UK, they wrote their first rough guide to Greece. Rough guides became an overnight success as their hallmark mix of journalistic approach and practical overtone appealed to prospective travelers looking to navigate a new country all by themselves. Today, Rough Guides is a successful travel publication that has travel guides published for over 120 international publications.

Project Execution

We assigned two Developers, a Product Designer and a Project Manager to spearhead the Jewelegance project. Since the platform was going to be used by diverse store owners of high-end jewellery to showcase their products, it was crucial to understand and incorporate their unique needs into the platform’s back-end features as well as front-end design. In this context, one of our technical consultants who was instrumental in connecting us with the client during the early days of the project, came to our aid. He constantly engaged with the store owners to generate timely feedback and responses to our queries.<br /> <br /> Our dedicated team handled all aspects of the product development, from UI and UX to quality assurance and testing. The front-end design was created with our own UI-based framework, Propeller, which contains a library of all the basic design components for websites, web applications and mobile applications. This gave us the added advantage by saving more than 30% of the time spent on developing the application.

Technologies Deployed

For front-end development, we used Angular, while for back-end development, we used Node.JS. Through iterative development of wireframes, designs and clickable prototypes, we ensured the first soft-launch of the application within 6 months from the inception of the project. Thereafter, several more features were added gradually. The entire application development including optimization and integration of payment processes took nearly a year, but marketing outreach for the eCommerce platform began at the 6-month mark.<br /> <br /> Due to the large scale of the project, we decided to separate the functions of development and testing and also hired a dedicated Quality Analyst. Quality Assurance was an extremely important part of this project. It was necessary to ensure that all the images loaded accurately and quickly, that every UI element displayed correctly and that there were no glitches during customer transactions.

Overall Services Offered

The platform has been up and running for nearly one and a half years now with regular sales taking place. It has been able to rake in impressive revenue figures through pan-India sales – and this is just the beginning! We continue to provide post-launch support and feature- enhancement to Jewelegance with a dedicated team of one Developer and one Quality Analyst who are available on-demand to answer client queries, provide support with issues and make sure that the platform is always up-to-date.<br /> <br /> Jewelegance and the jewellery store owners who now sell through the platform have been ruling the Ahmedabad jewellery market for more than fifty years now with high-quality ornaments. By enabling them to disrupt the market with e-commerce, we have been able to combine their heritage with next-generation technology that will generate incredible benefits in the years to come.